Cosmetic dentistry is increasingly becoming popular in the United States and around the world. People choose cosmetic surgery to correct issues, create a beautiful smile, replace decayed teeth and more. Cosmetic dentistry procedures are affordable for most people. However, it doesn’t hurt to have a little help along the way with insurance coverage.

If you don’t already have dental insurance, you should consider getting a policy. There are a variety of ways to get dental insurance, including checking your current health plan, inquiring with your employer to see if they offer dental insurance, or adding it to your health insurance plan when you are up for renewal for the new year.

Dental insurance usually covers specific procedures, office visits and more. It depends on the policy you have chosen. Dentist offices throughout the United States accept insurance and are happy to help their patients afford the procedures they need.

Cosmetic dentistry may or may not be on your dentist insurance policy. If you are not sure, contact your insurance company for confirmation. If they do cover it, that’s great! If not, you have other options that might be helpful for you.

You can choose to wait to get cosmetic dentistry until you find a dental insurance company that covers cosmetic procedures. Or, you can choose to participate in a finance plan at your dentist’s office that allows you to pay for procedures in monthly installments.

Another option is finding a discount dental membership that offers discounts on specific dental procedures. Just make sure you understand this option is not insurance but merely a discount off the price of the procedure.

If you are having difficulty affording cosmetic dentistry speak to your dental office to inquire about payment options. You might be able to use a credit card to cover the expenses then make small payments to your credit card until it is completely paid off.

If you really want cosmetic dental procedures there is always a way to afford it, whether your insurance covers it or not. The first thing to do is consult with your dentist to see what cosmetic procedures are best suited for you, then learn the full cost of the procedure, then create a payment plan.

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Dr. Ana Pesaturo earned her Masters Degrees in Healthcare and Business administration from the University San Martin of Colombia South America in 1991. She then completed her Advanced General Esthetic Dentistry residency program at the Community Smiles Dental Research Clinic in Miami, Florida, and her General Hospital Dentistry residency at Miami Valley Hospital in Ohio State. Dr. Pesaturo currently works as a private dentist in the Miami area and as a dental consultant in healthcare management. Read more at